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Mesh fence

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This article or section contains information that relates to the non-canon game Pikmin Forever, which was created by Scruffy, a user on this wiki.
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Mesh fences are obstacles in Pikmin Forever; the plastic version is the first obstacle encountered in the story. Mesh fences cannot be destroyed with Pikmin attacks like other fences; instead, Pikmin thrown to the fence climb up to the top and attempt to tip over the fence with weight. Thus, a specific number of Pikmin is required to topple a mesh fence. Once toppled, the detached mesh acts as a bridge across some impediment behind it. This bridge can normally be picked up and moved by Pikmin; the metal version can even be salvaged.



A plastic mesh fence.

The plastic variety is most common; any type of Pikmin besides Rock Pikmin and Mushroom Pikmin can topple this wall. Once toppled, the mesh acts as a bridge piece, and can be carried to other areas by Pikmin; it has a carrying weight of 10.


A metal mesh fence.

The metal variety is least common; normally any area it obstructs will be some sort of shortcut. The metal mesh is usually stronger than the plastic, requiring more Pikmin to tip over. Once toppled, the metal mesh can act as a bridge, but it can also be salvaged for a whopping 200 metal units; the choice is whether to keep the shortcut or not, as metal meshes cannot be carried to other bridge areas. Metal meshes have carrying weights of 20.


An electric mesh fence.

This electrified mesh acts the same as the plastic version, but only Yellow Pikmin can topple it; its electricity also charges them with energy. Once toppled, the mesh breaks and cannot be used as a bridge; this makes the wall merely a weight requirement for Yellow Pikmin.