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Mandiblard family

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The mandiblard family consists of several known species, some of which demonstrate a degree of sexual dimorphism not uncommon to insects. On a whole, they have little vitality and are not especially dangerous, but like the Cloaking Burrow-nit, they are infamous for tearing apart nearby stick bridges which Pikmin have built. In the main games, due to their general inability to present any danger, these enemies are usually found in groups of three or more and are nearly always buried in the ground, appearing only when a leader or Pikmin approaches close by. Some mandiblards, such as the Shearblug or Speargrub, may constantly be outside of the ground. Most members of the mandiblard family will gradually lose health while in water.

List of members

Female Sheargrub

P3 Female Sheargrub.png

Female Sheargrubs are a much lighter color than the males and have significantly smaller mandibles, making them unable to cause direct harm to a leader or any Pikmin, though they are still a menace to bridges. They can be ignored in most situations, perhaps only useful as a means of easy-access nectar, which they will produce if killed while petrified.

Fiery Sheargrub

Fiery Sheargrub.png

Fiery Sheargrubs resemble Female Sheargrubs and are perpetually cloaked in flames, making Red Pikmin necessary to defeat them.

Glittery Sheargrub

Glittery Sheargrub.png

The Glittering Sheargrub is a wandering mandiblard, much like the Swarming Sheargrub. Glittery Sheargrubs travel alone or in groups, and when they are threatened, they scatter glitter around themselves and make a swift escape while the Pikmin attacking them panic.

Male Sheargrub

P3 Male Sheargrub.png

Male Sheargrubs have a dark purple shell and large mandibles. They are capable of attacking leaders and the Pikmin, but are not a serious threat, as they can only eat one Pikmin at a time.

Queen Shearwig

HP Queen Shearwig.png

The Queen Shearwig is a large mandiblard, and leader of a swarm of Shearwigs. It rarely attacks directly, instead choosing to send its army of Shearwigs to attack leaders and the Pikmin accompanying them. The Shearwigs also serve as protection to their queen, which is usually reached once the Shearwigs in the way are cleared.


HP Shearblug.png

The Shearblug is a water-breathing mandiblard. It resembles a Female Sheargrub with a longer, more grub-like body and spots on its sides. It attacks by curling into a ball, forcing spikes to emerge from its back, then rolling toward threats. It can be defeated by throwing a single Pikmin onto it when its spikes are retracted.


P3 Shearwig.png

Shearwigs are troublesome mandiblards to deal with. The females of this species are never seen, as they spend nearly their entire life underground. The males have a dark green shell, sporting simple wings and large, sickle-shaped mouthparts. They are slightly more aggressive than Male Sheargrubs and will fly to safety when their health reaches half; up in the air, they regain health. One well-aimed Pikmin will bring a flying Shearwig down for good.


HP Speargrub.png

Speargrubs are a type of mandiblard that are green in color, with a small, teal mouth and spikes lining their back. They emerge from holes on various surfaces and slowly crawl down until they duck into another hole, where they will return to the first hole and repeat at regular intervals. They do not actively pursue Pikmin, but are still hazardous due to the spikes, so they should be treated as an obstacle. Rock Pikmin cannot be hurt by the spikes, and throwing one at a Speargrub will kill it.


HP Sporegrub.png

Sporegrubs, unlike other members of the mandiblard family, have no visible mouths. Their heads are dark brown with bright green eyes, and their bodies are purple with pink spots. Two rows of spikes line their backs, though these are just for show and don't harm Pikmin. They also have six tiny legs, making them the only mandiblard to have visible limbs. When approached, Sporegrubs attack by expelling poisonous gas. They can be defeated by a single Pikmin thrown onto them.

Swarming Sheargrub

P3 Swarming Sheargrub.png

Swarming Sheargrubs are a green subspecies of the mandiblard family, quite similar to the Female Sheargrub. They are usually found in groups of six to eight. They can drink nectar to increase in size and weigh objects down. When attacked, the entire group goes into a panic and scatters. Swarming Sheargrubs can't attack leaders or Pikmin, making it the second member of this family to be completely harmless. Their mandibles are shorter and stubbier than a Female Sheargrub's, but only by a little bit. Although they have many similarities to the Female Sheargrubs, they do not have a known gender.