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KHA Lander

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This article or section contains information that relates to the non-canon game Pikmin Forever, which was created by Scruffy, a user on this wiki.
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The KHA Lander is a spaceship developed by the Koppai-Hocotate Alliance space program as an all-purpose research vessel. It comes complete with a gyroscopic rotatable cockpit, a particle-absorbing radar dish for analyzing samples, and an inner research pod that can accompany explorers in caves. Like the previous ships in the line of Hocotate/Koppai engineering, the KHA Lander comes with a brain and voice that can understand a scenario and any items brought back to its analysis hold; especially like the S.S. Drake, it has little personality. Its first mission is to PNF-404, bearing the research team Edward and DELTA. It crash-lands due to impact with a group of hovering Onions, and its crew is flung to other areas while it lands the Forbidding Precipice, almost correcting its course and landing safely. Once it is recovered (after defeating the Helmeted Iceweavil), it replaces the Hocotate ship as the main space-vessel in the game. However, the Onion impact damaged its battery cells: it requires 250 metal units each day to properly charge its battery for the night. Its scanners also need repairs to find where on the planet Edward could be: 2500 metal units need to be deposited to repair the scanners.

The KHA Lander resembles a plastic milkshake cup. In the Luxuriant Lakeside, DELTA actually finds a partially buried milkshake cup and mistakes it for the KHA Lander. After she has Pikmin dig it up, she realizes it is not the ship, or even metal; but removing it reveals the entrance to the Arthropod Sanctum.