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Incendiary Spectralid

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Incendiary Spectralid The icon for this enemy hasn't yet been created.
Incendiary Spectralid.png
Scientific name Fenestari fyriclitus
Family Flitterbie
Caves Frost Fissure
Carry weight 1
Max. carriers 1
Seed worth 2
Poko value Poko × 3
Attacks Burns Pikmin

The Incendiary Spectralid is a member of the flitterbie family that can spontaneously combust and extinguish itself at will. When Pikmin or leaders draw near, the Incendiary Spectralid will catch fire and swoop down to fly through the crowd; a similar behavior is exhibited by the Electric Spectralid. Non-Red Pikmin hit by the ignited creature will catch fire, and any Red Pikmin it rams into will be knocked down. When the Incendiary Spectralid rises back into the air after an attack, it will extinguish itself and fly away from leaders and Pikmin to avoid being attacked. While the creature is extinguished, any color or type of Pikmin can attack it. Similarly to other spectralids, only one Pikmin is necessary to bring it down and kill it.


Alph's notes

"This creature's eyes resemble blood cells... they also occasionally spontaneously combust."

Brittany's notes


Libra's notes

"They're creepy and dangerous. Definitely no good as a pet."