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Help:Talk page

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If you followed this link because you thought it would tell how to work on your user talk page, simply go to the users home page and click on the "Discussion" tab from there.

The talk page is a special part of each and every page. If you look at the very top of this page, you will see several tabs, including Discussion and Watch. Clicking on the "Discussion" tab will show a talk-page like area. There you can put up something specific you have to say about that page.

If the "Discussion" tab is yellow, that means that no has commented on the page yet. Clicking on this will pull up an area for you to write down what you have to say.

If the "Discussion" tab is green, someone has already commented, and you can look at what they said. If it is green and you wanted to comment, then just click the "Edit" tab up on the top, and write what you have to say. Just make sure you don't delete what someone else has written!

If you want to get out of the Talk Page and back onto the regular page, just click the left-most tab on the top of this.