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Pikilogo.png This is one of Pikmin Fanon's help pages, and it is meant to aide users by increasing their ability to positively contribute to the wiki. Additional information added to help pages such as this one is always welcome. Pikilogo.png
For rollback as used by sysops, see the administrator's handbook page.

Rollback quickly reverts all consecutive edits by the most recent contributor to a particular page. The edit summary is automatically set to read "Reverted edit of A, changed back to last version by B", and the edit is marked as "minor".

The rollback tool should only be used to revert blatant vandalism. It should not be used to revert good-faith edits, to resolve content disputes, or to enforce a particular version of an article.

The rollback tool will remove constructive edits by the same user, and it may also leave earlier vandalism intact. As a result, after using the rollback tool, one should always check recent revisions and ensure that all disruptive edits have been reverted and all constructive edits restored.

Finally, after using the rollback tool, one should leave a note on the appropriate "User talk:" page and explain why rollback was used (unless the offender is a spammer or spam bot). Many "vandals" are simply new users who are unfamiliar with the ways of the wiki; by gently correcting them, a good user may lead them to contribute positively.