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A disambiguation page is a means as a resolution to conflicting article titles. Often times, there will be one main page and several smaller pages, which have parentheses to differentiate them. When this occurs, a disambiguation page must be made with the template {{Disambig}} at the top.

When Disambiguations Happen

For example, the article Orange Pikmin has its own disambiguation page, because it has several other pages that have "Orange Pikmin" as part of their titles. It is impossible to have two articles that have the exact same title; nevertheless, it is still confusing if there are articles out there that share a part of another page. Note, however, subpages do not need a disambiguation page as they are essentially part of another page.

Should multiple pages like the page Orange Pikmin appear, a disambiguation page needs to be created. At the top the template {{Disambig}} needs to be placed, then a sentence or two explaining the pages in general needs to be written, and finally a list of unambiguous titles with the main title. On each of the pages, a notice placed at the top needs written something like "For other uses, see (page name) (disambiguation)." That way, users can see the disambiguation page, and will have access to the other titles.