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Help:Administrator's Handbook/Importing

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Special:Import is a feature designed to accompany Special:Export. Importing allows manual or automated copying of a page from a remote project into Pikmin Fanon.

Using Special:Import

This tool is not automated, but still quite powerful. Pages must first be obtained from the source wiki's Special:Export. This variant of the interface does not feature a "Copy all history versions for this page" checkbox; this must instead be done with Special:Export's "Include only the current revision, not the full history" checkbox. Use "Choose File" to select the saved XML file and then click "Upload File" to begin the upload. The time this takes will vary depending on the size of the XML, how busy the server is, and your Internet connection speed. If all goes well a list of successfully imported pages will appear above the upload box, and if not the error message will indicate what went wrong.

General Notes

  • Pages in the File: namespace can be imported, but the images attached to them can't.
  • Pages are automatically attributed to users with the same username. Note that if a user has been renamed with Special:Renameuser and an edit under their old username is subsequently imported it will be attributed to the old username, not their new one.
  • If you import to a page name that already exists the most recent revision of the now merged history will be the one displayed, so be sure to check the pages to make sure a wanted revision hasn't been replaced.
  • When importing the action is logged on Special:Log/import (both where the XML came from, and how many revisions were imported) and the action shows up on Special:Recentchanges. Imports will not be logged on Special:Newpages unless its oldest revision is newer than some of the wiki's own content.
  • Sometimes the Special:Log/import logging will fail to register an imported page.
  • When using Special:Export, always check the very bottom of the XML. If the last line isn't </mediawiki>, don't use it.
  • By default, Special:Import limits filesizes to around 1.4 megabytes. This limit can be changed by the server admin (or you in php.ini in maxuploadsize=).