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Hazardous Dirigibug

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Hazardous Dirigibug The icon for this enemy hasn't yet been created.
Hazardous Dirigibug.jpg
Scientific name Flotillium explodeawalkus
Family Dirigibug
Caves Dirigibug Hole, Fighting Skies
Carry weight 3
Max. carriers 4
Seed worth 8
Poko value Poko × 3
Attacks Drops Volatile Dweevils

The Hazardous Dirigibug is a member of the dirigibug family that regurgitates not bomb rocks, but Volatile Dweevils. Its appearance and behaviors are identical to that of the Careening Dirigibug, but when Pikmin or leaders approach, the creature will spit out a Volatile Dweevil and drop it on the ground to attack them. The Hazardous Dirigibug can be attacked using any Pikmin type, but be wary of the Volatile Dweevils it produces.


Olimar's notes

"The hazardous dirigibug is a close relative of the careening dirigibug. In fact, it looks exactly the same as the careening dirigibug, but instead of producing bomb rocks, it somehow creates volatile dweevils. This creature baffles scientists, myself included, for the scientific community cannot decipher how this creature can simultaneously produce volatile dweevils, which are an entirely different species. Perhaps the two share a symbiotic relationship...?"

Louie's notes

"If boiled for fifteen minutes, this creature can make a mouthwatering stew that your family will love."