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Hailstorm Dandelfly

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Hailstorm Dandelfly The icon for this enemy hasn't yet been created.
Ice Segmaflutter.png
Scientific name Unknown
Family Dandelfly
Caves Frost Fissure
Attacks Drops chilled nectar onto Pikmin

The Hailstorm Dandelfly is a cousin of the Nectarous Dandelfly that inhabits cold areas. Like the Nectarous Dandelfly, the Hailstorm Dandelfly carries beads of nectar. However, the nectar this creature carries is chilled and poses dangers to non-Cyan Pikmin. Any Pikmin that are not resistant to cold temperatures will temporarily be chilled and move slower than normal after consuming chilled nectar. When it is near leaders, Pikmin, or an active enemy, the Hailstorm Dandelfly will drop its payload in a panic and make a quick escape from the area. Chilled nectar that is dropped onto a sleeping enemy will immediately wake it up.


Alph's notes

"This creature resembles a Nectarous Dandelfly! It certainly isn't nectarous, though. This creature is quite timid, and if it hears Pikmin walking near it or is above a large or noisy creature, it will drop all of its chilled nectar beads in a panic."