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Galvanic Crystasinge

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Galvanic Crystasinge The icon for this enemy hasn't yet been created.
Reflecti-Shock Crystasinge.jpg
Scientific name Reflecitunis electriscantus crystisearusi
Family Jellyper
Caves Shock Garden
Carry weight 20
Max. carriers 40
Seed worth 50
Poko value Poko × 115
Attacks Breathes fire, electrocutes Pikmin, crushes Pikmin, causes panic

The Galvanic Crystasinge is an insect-like boss that has a variety of physical and elemental attacks at its disposal. It defends itself from attackers mainly by spewing fire at them from its mouth, but it can also temporarily electrify itself when overwhelmed. To be able to damage the Galvanic Crystasinge, Rock Pikmin must first be thrown at its shell until it shatters and reveals its soft, vulnerable body. Yellow Pikmin are recommended to attack its vulnerable body with due to it being able to electrify itself. The boss is nimble and can quickly turn to incinerate any Pikmin or leaders it may see. The Galvanic Crystasinge, after shaking Pikmin off, may choose to become airborne to fly around and regenerate health, not unlike a common Shearwig; throwing enough Pikmin onto it while it is airborne will force it onto the ground and become stunned for a short time, struggling under the weight of the Pikmin latched onto it before shaking them off. Care must be taken to ensure no Pikmin are underneath the creature as it crashlands, as any Pikmin it lands on will be crushed. The Galvanic Crystasinge, on top of being able to burn, electrocute, and crush Pikmin, as well as fly, can emit a shrill screech that causes Pikmin to run around in panic. Once it reaches half-health or lower, it will screech before shaking off any Pikmin that are still latched onto it whenever it chooses to take to the air.


Alph's notes

"Not only can this creature breathe fire and produce electricity, but it can fly around even without a shell! This sure is a creature of many talents."

Brittany's notes

"I may only be a mere botanist and no zoologist, but I know something that shouldn't exist when I see it. This thing sure put up a fight! Two of these would be a nightmare..."