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Eroding Blowhog

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This article or section relates to Pikmin Eco, a non-canon game created by Sapphire7.
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Eroding Blowhog
Eroding Blowhog.png
Scientific name Sus
Family Blowhog
Areas N/A
Caves Sea Geyser, Greenery Grove, Explorer's Exit
Carry weight N/A
Attacks Encases Pikmin in stone

The Eroding Blowhog is a smaller species of Blowhog that appears in some of the caves in Pikmin Eco. It's a green-skinned Blowhog with yellow stripes running along its back, with a yellow tinted underbelly and yellow tips on their fins. They always have a tired expression on their eyes.

They float around a limited range just slightly above the ground, and they behave similarly to similar Blowhog species. However, rather than simply blowing away Pikmin, the breath of the Eroding Blowhog causes the player and Pikmin to be temporarily encased in stone in a similar manor to Super-Bitter Spray used on enemies. On death, they completely disappear, making it impossible to be collected, so the main method to add it to the Piklopedia is to use the S.S. Scanner.


  • While it isn't unheard of to find smaller species of flying Blowhogs around, this is the first specimen to have a physical effect in its breath. I've only heard of one other Blowhog similar to this, but never saw it in my own studies. The breath from the Eroding Blowhog has a unique characteristic to encase prey in a rocky overcoat, making them immobile for a time so it can consume prey easier. Given how it didn't eat any Pikmin though, this is hypothosized to be used mostly out of defense rather than hunting behavior.