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Dwarf Jellyfloat

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Dwarf Jellyfloat The icon for this enemy hasn't yet been created.
Scientific name Cephalus infantia
Family Jellyfloat
Areas Evergreen Copse
Caves Factory, Fire Den
Attacks None

The Dwarf Jellyfloat is a small species of jellyfloat appearing in Pikmin Z. It resembles a smaller jellyfloat with a purple hue. It sings a faint, high-pitched song, though normally it isn't clearly audible.


  • Diet: unknown
  • Predators: unknown

This tiny species of jellyfloat is considered a very rare species. It is harmless towards the leaders and is mainly an ambient creature as it doesn't offer much of anything when killed.

Piklopedia entry

"Such a cute and quiet little creature, this jellyfloat. I'm not sure if this is a descendent, an ancestor, or just an offspring variant of the other species of jellyfloats. Guess this is something I have to look into in the future.