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Diamondback Jellyfloat

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This article or image relates to the fanon game Pikmin: Redemption, created by Sir Pikmin.
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Diamondback Jellyfloat The icon for this enemy hasn't yet been created.
Scientific name Unknown
Family Jellyfloat
Attacks Stings and poisons Pikmin

The Diamondback Jellyfloat is very similar to a normal Jellyfloat, except for the purple and blue diamond on its back. Its tentacles can reach out and sting Pikmin, embedding a little spine in them that gradually kills them by injecting poison. This should be a good reason to kill these first. Throw Pikmin on top of the creature, as the bottom side is the one with the tentacles. After it falls down, swarm it for an easy win. This creature is bioluminescent, meaning its flesh produces light as a byproduct of some chemical reaction. This creature has no known predators. It is assumed that those died out long ago because of the poison spines that almost instantly kill Pikmin.