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Pikmin X Deep Freeze icon.png Probably better than PikSpore!
This article contains information that relates to the non-canon game Pikmin X: Deep Freeze, which was created by Neini, a user on this Wiki.
Pikmin X Deep Freeze icon.png
Demi-Legs The icon used to represent this enemy.
Scientific name Pseudoarachnia deceptoris
Family Arachnorb
Areas Roaring Rampart
Caves Sub-Surface Construct, Crypt of Enigma
Carry weight 15
Max. carriers 25
Seed worth 4
Poko value Poko × 30
Attacks Stabs Pikmin, fires explosive projectiles

The Demi-Legs is an arachnorb that lies half-buried in the ground, closely resembling a dormant Onion. It even leaps out of the ground in a similar fashion to an Onion when it is activated, complete with its legs extending out onto the ground, but this Man-at-Legs relative is only interested in killing Pikmin. After being awoken, this iron-plated arachnorb will immediately start chasing down nearby targets and will occasionally try to stab them with an extendible spear that emerges from underneath its body. This spear has a long range and can skewer up to ten Pikmin in a single strike, but it has a charge-up time that allows one to safely move out of the way before it attacks.

The Demi-Legs is also capable of flight via the Onion-like propeller on top of its head, and it will do so when aggravated so it can fly out of the range of Pikmin attacks. Once airborne, the Demi-Legs will fly to various spots nearby Pikmin and leaders, locking on to them and firing several bullets from the tip of its spear in quick bursts each time it stops in midair. This makes the various hiding places in the arena less reliable, but the gunfire can be dodged by simply watching the crosshair and then dodging away when it locks on. The Demi-Legs is a rare case of an arachnorb that leaves a corpse; its legs fall apart, leaving just its large body for salvage.