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Darkfreeze Wyvern

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Nuvola warning.png Pikspore
This article contains information that relates to the non-canon game Pikspore, which was created by Neini.
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Darkfreeze Wyvern The icon for this enemy hasn't yet been created.
Scientific name Atronon draconis
Areas Darkness Plateau
Caves Nostalgia Pit, Darkfreeze Lair, Final Frost, Ultimate Arena
Attacks Burns Pikmin

The Darkfreeze Wyvern is a bizarre monster made of Darkfreeze. It is a vaguely dragon-like creature with stumpy legs, a tube-like snout, and a glowing tail. It emerges from puddles of Darkfreeze when approached and will start flying around. It can shoot deadly green flames from its mouth that no Pikmin are immune to. Throwing enough Pikmin on it will cause it to fall, leaving it vulnerable. Like most pure Darkfreeze enemies, it dissolves into a puddle of dark-blue goop and disappears when defeated. They appear in Darkfreeze Plateau but only when the Dark Rift is open, and appearing there once Final Frost has been completed.