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Dark Jetter

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This creature appears in the following fanon games:


The locations of the Dark Jetter in most of the games that it appears in. Sublevels are listed for the caves.

  • Pikmin: Shadows of the Future


Most Games
A purple sphere with angry eyes and a pair of pincer arms. It has a propulsion jet on its back and two hover jets on its underside.


A flying robot built by the Z-Syndicate that has been possessed by some form of unknown force.

  • Scientific Name
    • Artificialis malevos shadoae

Robot family


Most Games
It hovers in place until you approach it. It will then sound a loud siren trying to scare you off. If you stay for longer than three seconds, it will start attacking, zooming around in a straight line while scraping the ground with its pincers, trying to kill some Pikmin. When it hits a wall, it starts hovering again and generates a shield of shadow around itself, protecting itself from attacks. When killed, it falls to the ground, thrashes its arms and explodes in a cloud of purple fog.

Strategy to defeat

Most Games
Throw Pikmin at it while it's flying in a straight line. Once it stops and generates the shield, the Pikmin attacking it will disable the shield and make it fall to the ground. After it shakes them off, call them back and repeat until it explodes.