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Chemical Bulblax

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Ultimate Doom
This article contains information that relates to the non-canon game Pikmin: Ultimate Doom by Wraith.

The Chemical Bulblax is the occurrence of a mutated Acidic Bulblax.


This creature appears in the following fanon games: Pikmin: Extintion event Pikmin: Ultimate Doom


The locations usually are around areas with a high level of acid.

  • Pikmin: Ultimate Doom


It is similar in structure to any normal Bulblax, its skin is green and its back is dark brown. Its eyes are bloodshot red.


None currently.


This Bulblax is awake at all times and patrols the area similar to a Spotty Bulbear. It will cough up acid when threatened and leaves a pool of acid for ten seconds.

Strategy to defeat

Its body has no element on it so throwing Purple Pikmin on its back is advised. If the player wants to swarm it, only Green Pikmin should be used, as Pikmin tend to flock to the Bulblax's mouth while swarming.