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Blimp Blowhog

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Blimp Blowhog The icon for this enemy hasn't yet been created.
Scientific name Sus aerostata
Family Blowhog
Caves Blowhog Airfield
Attacks Burns Pikmin, electrocutes Pikmin

The Blimp Blowhog is a gargantuan species of flying blowhog and the largest creature encountered in Pikmin Z. The massive creature resembles an orange balloon, with two sets of manta-ray like fins along the side of its body to stabilize it in flight, along with a set of holes running along its sides and belly. It has a very long trunk, long enough to aim over its back to blow off parasites.


  • diet: small animals
  • predators: unknown

The Blimp Blowhog is a fairly passive animal for the most part, and most of its attacks aren't made as a direct attack. Able to intelligently utilize the hydrogen in its body, it is able to shoot out fire and electrical clouds from its snout, all while still being able to remain afloat.

Piklopedia Entry

"The Blimp Blowhog is the largest creature currently known of, dwarfing literally everything around it. It baffles me that it can still fly despite its true size, so it must be a lot lighter than many will think. Due to a deep control over hydrogen, it can remain in the air and still shoot out heated fire from its snout, though it is unclear as to how it can shoot out clouds of electric energy."


The fight against the Blimp Blowhog is separated into three distinct phases. The first phase consists of attacking the Blimp Blowhog as it idly flies over the area, blowing away leaves and other forms of cover in search of food. Clover Pikmin are required here, as only they can ride the wind currents the creature creates to be able to attack it, though Yellow Pikmin can be thrown directly onto it. Phase two, which begins once the Blimp Blowhog takes notice of its attackers after all forms of cover have been removed from the arena, involves the massive creature spewing fire and storm clouds at Pikmin. The creature's belly is its only reachable weakpoint during this phase. Once it takes enough damage, the Blimp Blowhog will plummet to the ground and feign death. When it is approached closely enough after this, it will reawaken and inhale the leaders and Pikmin that attacked it, rising into the air afterward and starting phase three of the battle. Inside the Blimp Blowhog, Pikmin must be thrown onto the walls of its air sacs. This will cause the creature tremendous pain, but this is made difficult by the presence of fire clouds and storm clouds present within it. Once the Blimp Blowhog dies, it will lie on the ground and spit out its attackers shortly before dying.