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Assassin Pikmin

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Assassin Pikmin The icon used to represent this Pikmin.
Assassin Pikmin.png
Resistance None
Attack High
Digging Speed Average
Mobility High
Throw Average
Carrying capacity 1
Candypop Assassin Candypop Bud

The Assassin Pikmin is a black Pikmin found towards the end of a certain area in Pikmin: The First Colony. It resembles a Purple Pikmin in shape and size, but is primarily black in color, and has a golden leaf or golden petals depending on its maturity. Their flower has a red center. To unlock them, an Assassin Pikmin has to be raced to the end of a small obstacle course, which only appears while the Assassin Pikmin is there. An Assassin Pikmin appears in the area every five in-game days and can be seen sitting and meditating in some grass. To make more Assassin Pikmin, an Assassin Candypop Bud, identified by its black and gold coloration, may have Pikmin thrown into it. Assassin Pikmin have two different ways of killing enemies, which are using a close-range attack if thrown near or onto an enemy, and if thrown onto an otherwise inaccessible ledge, using a ranged attack.