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This article relates to the canonical games. See Pikipedia's "Armurk" article for more canonical information.
Hey! Pikmin
Armurk The icon used to represent this enemy.
HP Armurk.png
Scientific name Tegoparastacoidea reptantia
Family Creep-crab
Areas Subterranean Tyrant
Attacks Crushes Pikmin, shoots scales

The Armurk is a large pillbug-like creature with solid armor that cannot be damaged no matter how many Pikmin are thrown at it. This armor covers almost all of its body except for its tail, which is usually out of reach since the boss is constantly facing leaders and their squad, and its belly, which cannot be reached when the bug is crawling on the floor. Its main attack involves raising its body to stomp down Pikmin, but this attack also exposes the belly, providing an opportunity to cause damage.

Upon spotting leaders or Pikmin, the creature will begin its assault by slowly creeping its way toward them. When it gets close enough, it will raise its upper body and then stomp the ground in front of it. Leaders in the range of the attack but not hit by it directly will still take damage and be knocked back, but Pikmin will only be knocked back. The Armurk will continue doing this until it traps its prey against a wall. When it does so, it will stomp a few more times as it gets near, before eventually raising up a lot, waiting a bit, and then falling on top of the group. This attack can kill Pikmin and hurt leaders, and once the creature does this, it will turn around and move in the opposite direction, ignoring the group for a bit. This exposes its unprotected fleshy tail.

While the Armurk is rising up to crush its cornered prey, it will expose its pink belly, which is vulnerable to attack. Each Pikmin thrown at its belly will knock its upper body a bit further back, and if enough Pikmin are thrown at it, the creature will be tossed backward. When this happens, it will turn around in midair and run away in the opposite direction once it lands, which exposes its tail. Afterward, the Armuk will climb up a wall, and from the wall, climb up to the ceiling. Once it is on the ceiling, it moves just a bit forward, starts shaking, falls off, and spins around in mid-air to land belly-first. Now that it's on the floor, the cycle restarts.

If its health is at two thirds or less, then before the state where it chases the group into a corner, it will spit out two of its scales into the air, which fall slowly and can be destroyed with a thrown Pikmin. These scales hurt leaders and knock over Pikmin. When its health is at one third, it will spit three scales instead of two.

The first time it climbs to the ceiling when its health has crossed the two-thirds mark, or the first time it crossed the one-third mark, it will change its fall attack: when it drops from the ceiling, it curls into a ball. In this form, it turns around, jumps up, and lands nearby where it jumped. With this landing, it bounces up again, uncurls, and lands belly-first. If after landing, it has cornered a leader or Pikmin, then it will turn around, travel a small distance away, turn around again, and spit scales to continue the cycle like normal.