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Arctic Container

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This article contains information about the non-canon game, Pikmin: The Rising Darkness made by BeatOli.
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The Arctic Container.

The Arctic Container is a treasure found in Pikmin:The Darkness Rising. It is actually a cold can of Coke. It is held by an Aero Snagret on the final floor of The Hidden Grotto. It gives Olimar the Scorchproof ability.

Olimar's Journal

I found this icy container in a Aero Snagret deep underground. Strangely, after all the time spent under hot mud, it is still ice cold! It seems there is liquid inside, as I can hear sloshing about inside. If I keep this in my backpack, not even the hottest flame can burn me! If only I had this on wife's fiery glare is stronger than any flame....

--BeatOli 15:16, 29 August 2009 (UTC)