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Aqua Long Legs

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Areas: Challenger's Canyon

Challenge Mode Areas: Tranquility Garden/Challenge Mode, Murky Spring/Challenge Mode

Caves: Submerged Tower, Conquest Cavern

Carry Weight: N/A

Max. Pikmin: N/A

The Aqua Long Legs is a common enemy in Pikoblitz and Pikoblitz Challenge Mode. It acts as a regular Beady Long Legs, which does not appear in either versions of Pikoblitz.


It looks like a Blue Beady Long Legs. Plain and Simple.


It attacks like a normal Beady Long Legs. It stomps around like its arachnorb bretheren, and has no water-based attacks. It is named Aqua Long Legs because it typically appears near water. Instead of stiffening its legs to shake off Pikmin, it jumps up and down, resulting in pikmin being thrown throughout the battle area. It can crush up to 4 pikmin with normal stomping, and 2 if it lands on your pikmin when trying to shake them off.

Strategy to Defeat

Using Ultra-Spicy Spray can help Blue Pikmin reach its spherical body. It has more health than a Beady Long Legs, but that shouldn't be a problem.

Locations(Main Game)

Olimar's Notes

This giant arachnorb is a relative of the Beady Long Legs, and it appears that the original insectoid evolved for reasons unknown to live in water, though it has little to no predators. Its spherical body still contains the internal organs, and more organs that scientists cannot identify their purposes.

Louie's Notes

Inedible. Consumption may cause short-term fear of everything and an urge to dance. Tastes like chopped liver.