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Aqua Blade-Nit

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The Aqua Blade-Nit is another relative of the Burrowing Bladebug. It is usually found in dungeons, however in Challenge mode it can be found in the third area, The Murky Spring, in the fanon game Pikoblitz. It does not burrow.


The Aqua Blade-Nit looks like a blue Praying Mantis, with a leaf-green abdomen. Like all Bladebugs, it has a tan, circular platform-like feature on the middle of its abdomen.

=How to Kill

Throw pikmin on its abdomen.


It rams pikmin at high speed, deflowering them, and can harm captains. Yet, It flees cowardly if it is hurt. This makes it an especially annoying enemy.

Olimar's Notes

Aquatic enemies are eveywhere on this alien planet. But what makes this planet more unbearable is the fact it is crawling with counless species of insects. The Aqua Blade-Nit is a combinaation of both of these features of this world. Under observation, this Bladebug species' females are attracted to the fastest of the kind. Putting a group of males in a observation chamber with one or two females results in lots of races between the male Blade-Nits.

Louie's Notes

First, wring dry the specimen, then tenderize the meat and deep fry. Cut into circles, serve with melted cheese, and you have a nice, crunchy batch of Blade-Nit crackers!