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Alternate Adventure Mode

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These are all forty levels of the Alternate Adventure Mode from Pikmin: New World. The Twilight Key is required before all of these are available. The Twilight Key is also responsible for unlocking Night Mode, 2-Player Mode and Four-Player Mode. The boss of Alternate Adventure Mode is the Titan Dweevil.

  • Pioneer Cave
  • Emergence Tree
  • Archway Den
  • Lover's Log
  • Nibble Patch
  • Undisturbed Field
  • Hidden Library
  • Fiery Underland
  • Cake Garden
  • Potter's Graveyard
  • Stomped Field
  • Viper Bed
  • Child's Pool
  • Engulfed Playpen
  • Uprooted Field
  • Dusk Forest
  • Chipped Garden
  • Gorgon's Hedge
  • Deathly Dungeon
  • Magnetic Hold
  • Imprisoned Island
  • Vineyard Hallow
  • Fort of Bells
  • Clockwise Castle
  • Smeltor's Room
  • Energy Field
  • Pathway Garden
  • Robber's Lane
  • Tower of Mind
  • Billowing Hole
  • Baseball Cave
  • Stingroid Hive
  • Hazy Haven
  • Flattened Forest
  • Obscured Garden
  • Hand Hole
  • Pattern Hill
  • Romp Pit
  • Light House
  • Insect Wastes


  • Ordinary Text = Cave
  • Italic text = Tree Climb
  • Bold text = Boss Level