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Topic:how do i upload files

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Hi. Bulborb bro again. This time i need help with uploading files. can you tell me how to do that. That would really be helpful.

Okay - first, find the "toolbox" section in the navigation menu on the far left of the screen. The toolbox should be second to the bottom. Now find the link in it that says "Upload file". Once you have done that, press the "Choose File" button to find a file on your computer, OR press the bubble to the left of "Source URL" and enter in an online URL for your image. Once your file has been chosen, enter what you want to call your file in the box to the right of the words "Destination filename". Be sure to include the correct image extension at the end (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, or .gif). If you do not know which one it is, look back up to the right of the "Choose File" button. The name of your image should be there, and one of the extensions that I listed previously should be at the very end. Now enter in a description of your file in the box left of the words "Summary" if you wish. The licensing drop-down box is broken and will not let you select any options, so press the green "Upload file" button at the very bottom of the page and then leave a message on my talk page telling me that you have uploaded a file, and I will put the proper licensing information on your file's page. If you need any additional help, refer to this page or leave a message on my talk page. My user pageMy talk page