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Topic:How do I remove catagories when they aren't shown?

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I'm trying to remove the Pikmin Familys catagory on the Bulbearmin Page and replace it with "Pikmin Family". How do I remove the unshown catagory? This message has been approved by Creative One [[KirbyRider|KR]] 20:12, 31 December 2010 (EST)

The problem here is in the infobox. In the infobox on the page It says Pikmin Family: by design, the enemy infobox template adds an s to whatever is in the Family area. If you change the infobox to the Infobox Pikmin it automatically puts it into the Pikmin Family category. However, the Infobox you are talking about is for the enemy leader Bulbearmin. To fix this, put the family as Pikmin which puts the category as Pikmin species. I don't think there even is a Pikmin Family category.
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