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Topic:How do I create an Infobox?

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I am struggling to use an Infobox. I enter the code and nothing happens. I would be very appreciated for a step-by-step guide (if possible) on how to create one. Jungle Pikmin

Here is my recommendation:

(1) Find a page with the infobox type that you want and that has good quality. Click edit, and then copy the infobox. Then follow a link (don't save the page, as that would be a useless edit)

(2) Go to the page you are working on.

(3) Paste the infobox. Edit to your specifications.

(4) Done!

Please keep in mind, this my strategy. It may not be the preferred strategy of users everywhere, but it works for me. Spotty Bulbear Spotty Bulbear Peach Bulborb