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Green.jpg Taxonomy Project
This page relates to the Taxonomy Project and shows a listing of different taxa. The canonity of this page is disputable.

The Taxonomy Project is an effort initiated by Wraith to further classify the myriad creatures of the Pikmin Planet. It is based upon the real-life taxonomy system developed by Carl Linnaeus called binomial nomenclature. Currently only canonical creatures are officially classified, however, fanon lifeforms may be unofficially classified by their creator. All classifications above family are conjecture by various editors here.


Enemies that appear in Pikmin 1, Pikmin 2, Pikmin 3, and Hey! Pikmin will be divided these groups, which are simplified from their real-life counterparts:


Four kingdoms will be used: Animalia, animals; Plantae, vegetation; Fungi, mushrooms; and Therobotania, plant-animal hybrids. Some exceptions can be made with creatures such as the Goolix.


Phylum is the next division. Phylums should be quite general. More than one family should be found in most phylums.


Class is a major division and should be more specific. Most classes should have more than one family.


Order is used as an extra field to sort major differences between species. Listing order is not required.


Family is canonically provided. It is a group of similar lifeforms a creature belongs in.


Genus is the first word in the scientific name of each creature.


Species is the second word of the scientific name and is completely unique for all animals. Listing it is not necessary.


The family, genus, and species of a creature are considered canonical and are classified already by Captain Olimar, and Alph, Brittany, and Charlie. All that must be done is placing enemies into taxonomic categories. A creature's order is not required. The kingdom, phylum, and class of a creature are all considered fanonical, or fan-made. A dedicated infobox template exists for this project, and is to be placed directly under an enemy infobox or Pikmin infobox.

To see a collection of every article that is currently part of the Taxonomy Project, see its category.