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Bouncers are objects that, when a leader or Pikmin lands on top of them, throw them away to some other location.

Examples of bouncer types include the Bouncy Mushroom, which bounces Pikmin and leaders somewhere, and the Pikmin geyser, which throws Olimar to a different spot.

To create a new type of bouncer, please follow the creating object types tutorial.


A bouncer just stands there waiting for other objects to land on top of it. It has information on what kinds of objects can ride on it, as well as what animation they'll be doing. The target destination is specified by whatever object is linked to it, so it's recommended to link it to a dummy object to serve as a target.

Bouncer objects are hardcoded to not do anything, except detect when a Pikmin or leader is above them, and throw them away to the designated spot.


Besides the global object type attributes, a bouncer type has the following attributes.


  • riders: A list of what types of riders are allowed. This list is separated by space, and the possible values are pikmin or leaders.


  • riding_pose: What sort of animation the riders switch to when being bounced away. Possible values are stopped, somersault. Defaults to stopped.




A bouncer type needs to have the following animations:

  • idling: Idling.
  • bouncing: Plays when an object gets on top of it.


A bouncer type's script cannot be changed.

Object spawn script variables

Besides the global spawn script variables, bouncer type objects do not read any specific script variables.