Zen Garden

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Zen Garden
Ship parts seven (7)
Amount of food eight (8) units units
Hazards water, fire, and electricity

The Zen Garden is the first area in A Son's Quest, being the area that the main protagonist Sagittarius crashes his ship into and where he finds the Red Pikmin. Seven ship parts and eight units of food can be found here.


This spring-time garden area is smaller in size than most areas, making it quicker to complete and navigate. It's mostly open-ended and nonlinear, save for areas that require a type of pikmin found later in the game. Some points of interest are a small lake/river, two tree stumps, and a cave that requires Yellow Pikmin to enter.


Day One: Sagittarius crashes here into a hollowed out tree. After pulling himself together from the shock of the crash, he steps out to find some Red Pikmin beside their Onion. He calls them to his side and after bringing their population to 30 pikmin (or more if the payer chooses), takes the engine to his ship, resulting in the day automatically ending.

Days Two and Onward: The player is given true freedom on this day with the only thing that they have to do is find food. Whether the player raises their pikmin count, finds more ship parts or heads on to tackle the boss is up to them. The recommended strategy, however, is to spend the second day looking for food, raising the pikmin count, and (if possible) work on clearing the pathway to the boss, then fight the boss on day three.

After the boss is down, no more real story events happen here.


*= appears only on days two and onward

**= appears only after you explore the second area