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Yellow Bulbmin

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Nuvola warning.png Pikmin: Shadows of the Future
This article contains information that relates to the non-canon game Pikmin: Shadows of the Future, which was created by Neini, a user on this Wiki.
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Yellow Bulbmin
Scientific Name Parasiticus pikminicus
Family Pikmin
Areas None
Carry Weight 7
Max. Carriers 14 Pikmin
Attacks Eats Pikmin, crushes Pikmin

The Yellow Bulbmin is a strange enemy. It is a young Yellow Bulborb that is being controlled by the same parasitic Pikmin that controls Bulbmin. It roams the map, with five little Yellow Bulbmin following it. It attacks just like normal Bulbmin, by eating Pikmin, but it can also jump onto your Pikmin, crushed them. When defeated, the five little Yellow Bulbmin can be recruited into your squad, where they have the large throw height of Yellow Pikmin, a high running speed and a resistance to electricity and water.