Wrathful Wetland

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The Wrathful Wetland is the second area in A Son's Quest. A large, jungle-like area, it has mostly easy enemies and puzzles anyone could solve. No true Pikmin are found here, but someone... special is found.

Wrathful Wetland
Ship parts Seven ship parts
Amount of food Ten units units
Hazards Water, Fire, Electricity, Poison


Day One

After defeating Wolpin, Sagittarius finds a signal at an island. He lands to investigate. While exploring, he sees a familiar sign... he follows it, and finds a destroyed Onion of an unknown Pikmin type. Nearby is Louie, who was turned into a Pikmin. A cutscene will initiate, and Louie, now known as Loumin, will be playable. Afterwords, the day is spent collecting food, discovering ship parts, and raising Pikmin.

When the ship is returned to at night, Loumin will tell Sagittarius about how the island used to sail across the ocean at night and how the ground would move as if it were breathing. Sagittarius just puts it aside, thinking that Loumin was just being weird. However, the ship detects a loud noise coming from the northwest area of the island, and puts a marker on the map for that area.

Days Leading up to the Boss Fight

Explore the area, collect food, and grow Pikmin as wished. Begin heading to the marker on the map as this is done, clearing the way of enemies.