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Work Together

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Nuvola warning.png PikSpore
This article contains information that relates to the non-canon game PikSpore, which was created by Neini, a user on this Wiki.
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Work Together
image size
Sublevels 3 Yellow Pikmin 10
Red Pikmin 10 Blue Pikmin 10
Green Pikmin 0 Black Pikmin 0
Purple Pikmin 0 Ultra-bitter sprays 0
White Pikmin 0 Ultra-spicy sprays 0
Cyan Pikmin 0 Ultra-sour sprays 0
Bulbmin 0 Ultra-sweet sprays 0

Work Together is the third Challenge cave in PikSpore. This one requires the combined power of both Olimar and Louie to complete, such as using scales to elevate Pikmin upwards, or alternating between the two to confuse the Ranging Bloyster. Completing this dungeon unlocks Icy Terraces.


Sublevel 1[edit]

This sublevel contains a few scales. You must throw a certain amount of Pikmin onto one scale to raise the other, preferably with the other captain and some Pikmin on it. Watch out for the flame jets and enemies and grab the key.


Sublevel 2[edit]

This one has even more scales and high ledges, requiring the use of Yellow Pikmin more than others. Small bulborbs may fall from the ceiling to hinder your progress, so keep an eye out for trouble! The key is most likely going to be accessible only by Yellow Pikmin.


Sublevel 3[edit]

A tougher sublevel than the last two, this long, ascending tunnel requires a ton of scale using and even pits you against a Ranging Bloyster towards the end. Submerged in a pool of water, the Bloyster can be defeated with an easy strategy. Constantly alternate between both captains as you throw your Pikmin, this will confuse the slimy beast and will ensure a quick victory. Grab the regurgitated key and return to the Research Pod, because the geyser will appear right next to it.