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Scientific Name N/A
Family Unknown
Areas Zen Garden
Underground Areas N/A
Challenge Mode Levels N/A
Carry Weight 30
Max. Carriers 40 Pikmin
Seed Worth 35 seeds
Value N/A Pokos
Attacks Eats Pikmin, Strikes Pikmin, Poisons Leaders

Wolpin (8本足の犬, lit.: eight legged canine) is the first boss in A Son's Quest. Found in the Zen Garden, this wolf-scorpion hybrid will attempt to eat any prey that crosses its path.


Wolpin has a very simple design. It is a giant wolf-like creatures with eight legs, two wolf eyes, six bug eyes below the wolf eyes, and a stinger at the end of its thick, brown, armored tail. Its fur is a dark grey color.



It will lunge its jaw at a your pikmin and nab 2-3 pikmin. They can't be saved once they're in its jaws.


It will try to use its barbed tail to impale pikmin and poison leaders.


After half of its health is gone, it will jump up high and hide for a while, then pounce on Pikmin, crunching them.


To defeat the Wolpin, rapidly throw Red Pikmin at its body - the tail has a impenetrable exoskeleton. Use the Dodge Whistle to get out of the way whenever it tries to eat or strike Pikmin with its tail, as it can skew Pikmin and poison Sagittarius. It will some times jump to a higher ledge and hide for a while when its health goes below 50%. It will then proceed to jump down and pounce on you. Again, use the Dodge Whistle to roll out of the way when its shadow is looming over you.

Sagittarius' notes[edit]

Although this beast is very quick and deadly, it's actually very awkward when it comes to hunting Pikmin, suggesting that its diet consists of other, much larger, creatures.