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Wolf Pikmin

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Wolf Pikmin
Wolf Pikmin.png
Resistance Cold
Attack Strong
Mobility Average
Throw Average
Carrying capacity One (1)
Candypop Bud N/A

Wolf Pikmin are a breed of Pikmin that appear in A Son's Quest. They are a wolf/dog - like breed of pikmin that are even more dependent on a leader than normal pikmin.


Wolf Pikmin have dark-grey fur with a lighter grey belly, turquoise eyes, and claws that are always unsheathed. Their flower resembles that of a Dogwood Tree's, being white with pink "veins". They also have a dog-like nose and small, pointed ears.


  • Wolf Pikmin are much stronger than other types of pikmin, being able to attack with their claws.
  • Wolf Pikmin can also dig faster than Yellow Pikmin, again, with their claws.
  • Wolf Pikmin will not panic.
  • Wolf Pikmin will not freeze to death if it's cold.


  • Wolf Pikmin need a leader to stay with them (If you have them work on bringing down a wall and walk away, they'll stop and run back to you.)
  • Wolf Pikmin can easily over-heat and die if it's to warm.
  • Wolf Pikmin may randomly attack small enemies (ex; sheargrubs) if they're to close and Cat Pikmin, forcing you to break up the fight.

If one fight breaks out between a Cat and Wolf pikmin, more could happen. If a fight lasts too long, one of the pikmin will die.