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This article relates to the canonical games. See Pikipedia's "Wogpole" article for more canonical information.

Wogpoles are enemies in the Pikmin games. They resemble tadpoles in appearance, and are in fact the larval form of the frog-like Wollywogs.





  • Pikmin 2
  • Olimar's Notes
Amphicaris frodendum
Amphituber family
The wollywog spawns in early spring, laying its eggs on low-hanging tree branches and shrubs growing in or near lakes and ponds. Such unorthodox amphibious behavior is a defense mechanism, protecting the eggs from predation by blue Pikmin and water dumples. The wollywog's wild hopping near the shoreline in early spring is thought to be a method of driving predators away from wogpole eggs.
  • Louie's Notes
Wogpoles can be eaten raw, but they're much more flavorful when steamed or grilled. Also heavenly in risotto! Feel free to experiment with this lush ingredient.


  • Most games: When idle, they will float around, sometimes moving to another spot slowly. When a captain approaches, it will flee quickly. If they swim onto land, they will flop around until reentering water.
  • Pikmin:Redemption: If you leave Wogpoles alive for five days in an area they will mature into either Wollywogs or Yellow Wollywogs.
  • Pikmin TCG: In the Pikmin 1 Card Set, they are a low health and low attack card, but have the ability to avoid the first attack each turn.

How to Kill[edit]

  • Most games: follow along its side and try to head it off as it swims away. Wogpoles can't attack, but they can cause flower Pikmin to lose their petals if it shakes them off. Since they only yield one Pikmin seed when retrieved, they're almost always more trouble than they're worth.