Winter Valley

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Darkfreeze 2.0.png The Darkfreeze is back...
This article or section relates to the non-canon game, Pikmin: Revenge of the Darkfreeze, which was created by SilverPikmin, a user on this wiki.
Darkfreeze 2.0.png
Winter Valley
General location Distant Planet
Caves Frozen Chamber, Wingnut Dungeon, Blowhog Cave
Treasures 3
Hazards Ice, Boulders, Water

The Winter Valley is an area in Pikmin: Revenge of the Darkfreeze. It is littered with pools of ice, and has many caves. One must tread carefully, as in some places, the ice is cracked. It uses the old map for the Valley of Repose.


Landing Site[edit]

This area is where you fought the sole Red Bulborb in Pikmin 2. The Frozen Chamber is in the corner. The path to the Old Landing Site is blocked by a Poison Gate, and the path to the Lake is blocked by an Electric Gate.

Old Landing Site[edit]

This is the Landing Site from Pikmin 2 The Yellow Onion is, ironically, exactly where is was when you landed in Pikmin 2. Nearby, 5 Yellow Pikmin are fighting a Snow Bulborb. Collect the Yellow Cratered Slice, and move on.

The Lake[edit]

Hopefully you went to the Frozen Chamber by now, or you wouldn't be able to go here. There are three Dwarf Darkfreeze Bulblaxes in the water. These could be a problem until you drain the water. Collect the Orange Bar and the Vibrant Bar and move on.

Danger Strait[edit]

In this area, five Armored Cannon Beetle Larvae make their home. Go in with one captain and get the beetles to target each other, then terminate the last one. The Wingnut Dungeon is where the Subterranean Complex was, and the Blowhog Cave is where the Hole of Heroes was.


  • The Winter Valley map is a reuse of the Valley of Repose map from Pikmin 2.