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Name Violet
Gender Female
Home planet Hocotate
Height 1.9 cm (0.75 inches)
Weight ~1 unit

Violet is a hocotate freight employee who went to school with Louie as a child. Since then in Pikmin the huge debt , Violet has been obsessed with Louie. In some of her creature notes, she talks about how cute, or strong he is. Louie though, does not like Violet back. Violet also appears in the game Pikmin: Louie's Adventure, along with Louie.

How is she unlocked?[edit]

It is quite easy really, once you have gone into Money Ravine, you first find a note on the wall that says "Oh geesh, I wish I could get out of this stupid cave. Huh, if only Louie was here, then he would use his big strong muscles to lift me out, if only." Then after you beat the Aquatic Beast on sub-level 9, she pops out of the defeated beast carcus. She then speaks in an excited voice saying "Louie, oh I missed you!" Then she runs up and hugs him, and says "Who is this ugly fellow" to Olimar. Olimar then simply grunts. Then after that she agrees to join and is then a playable character.