Vengeful Thicket

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Pxdf snow.png Probably better than PikSpore!
This article contains information that relates to the non-canon game Pikmin X: Deep Freeze, which was created by Neini, a user on this Wiki.
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Vengeful Thicket
General location Upper center of map
Pikmin discovered Burr Pikmin
Caves Kingdom of Thorns, Umbral Ridge
Hazards Fire, Electricity, Water, Brambles, Ice, Oil
Plants Maple trees, woody shrubs, brambles

The Vengeful Thicket is the fifth area in Pikmin X: Deep Freeze. This area takes place in a mysterious autumnal region located at a mountainous altitude, characterized by its heavily vertical level structure, as well as the thick patches of brambles that grow throughout the area on practically any surface. Pikmin that touch these will get knocked away, stunned, and reduced to leaf state unless they are Rock Pikmin, which are immune. Also common here are obstacles such as wet vines that necessitate the usage of Burr Pikmin, which are discovered here, and steep mountain faces which tend to have Armored Cannon Larvae at the top, periodically rolling down boulders.

No data chips are found here, but the Paralyzing Punch and Rugged Gloves are located in this area.