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Hey, Irockz![edit]

Hello, Irockz, and welcome to Pikmin Fanon, the wiki where you can share your ideas about the Pikmin series! There's a lot to do around here, so we hope you'll stay and continue to edit the wiki. Please remember to sign in before you edit so we can recognize you and your contributions. If you decide to stay here and edit you should add your userpage to the user category (Need help?). Before you begin editing, you should read Pikmin Fanon's policies and if you are new to wikis then check out the Editing Help page. The following links are to help familiarize you with some of the intricacies of our wiki. We hope you have a great time here and stay around for a while!


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Pikmin Finale[edit]

Pikness34 ,Please Click on it.
TALK – Time:It's whatever the hell I want it to be!!
The last game in the fanon Timeline?Never... Change the description please

By that I didn't mean nobody else can contribute a game to the timeline, I meant that in the story it is the last game to happen. ~Irockz~

I made you a temporary signature, use ~~~ to use it. Wraith~Admin, Bureaucrat

I mean't the "Official" Fanon Timeline.Pikness34,.Pikness34 sprite.gifThe Researcher Of Fate

Thanks, Peanut. And Ness, just feel free to delete the page. Irockz


Please stop stop editing Pikmin RPG, you aren't a Leaf Rank. This isn't a warning, just a reminder to inform you of a mistake. If the action continues deliberately, then a warning will be issued. Thanks for reading this message and keep contributing.

Wraith~Admin, Bureaucrat

I am a Leaf Rank. I have more than 100 edits and now 3 talk pages. Irockz


You have 99 edits and 3 talk page sections. You need more than three. Oops, you have it now. I grant you leaf rank and you can edit Pikmin RPG. Wraith~Admin, Bureaucrat

Please sign in before you edit Pikmin RPG again, Irockz. It just looks suspicious, because anons aren't allowed to edit the RPG. Wraith~Admin, Bureaucrat