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Whoa Man![edit]

When I checked the recent changes list, I saw it flooded with very close together edits on the same page by you! Remember to click the "Show Preview" button before you save the page. Thanks! I'm Piki1 and I approve all Pikmin!

Hey, nice to see you back! And also, like Piki1 said, it's extremely helpful to use the Preview button before saving, so you don't have to flood the Recent changes. :) ~PikFan23 (Admin)

Hey 13Pikmar could you make the enemy pictures for Pikmin: Dark Forces? Bulbmin.jpg "I'm Bulbminlead101 , and I lead all Bulbmin."

sure I would[edit]

Sorry I couldn't get too you sooner sure I would like to be your friend on this website no problem at all. Let me know if you need any help with enemies or anything. I'd love to lend you a hand. Bulborb bro

Hi Pikmar![edit]

Hey 13Pikmar, just stopping by. I was wondering, are you still active? We haven't finished Pikmin:Louie's Adventure (barely into the process, actually). Also, what is happening with the whole Nintendo thing?

If you are inactive because of school, I completely understand. If you are, just tell and I will stop bugging you about these games! Tanbulborb.pngI'm Peach Bulborb, and I approve all grub dogs. (Sysop)

Pikmin help[edit]

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