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This is one of Piki1's user-related pages
This is all my user-related stuff: my user page, my talk page, my contributions, my first fanon game, and my second fanon game.

Who's Online:  

Hello, I am Piki1. I am very experienced in wiki stuff. I am on two other NIWA wikis.

Status: I'm back possibly maybe hopefully.

Oh, and I am also the head of the Orange Bulborb part of the Guild, so feel free to ask any questions about the Orange Bulborb section! Orange Bulborb.jpg Orange Bulborb Piki1

Example of my OPE Infobox[edit]

Dwarf Red Bulborb.jpg
HP 20
Attack 2
Defence 1
Seed Dollars 3

Current Ranking[edit]

Ranks n' Rights

Thumb mysteriousremains.jpg

Favourite Bosses in Video Games[edit]

Picture Boss Name Description
PorkyM3.jpg Porky Porky from MOTHER 3 could quite possibly be my favourite boss of all time. He kills the main character's mom and capture's the main character's brother. Porky leads the Pigmask Army.
GiygasEB.jpg Giygas Giygas is the final boss of EarthBound. He is the embodiment of evil itself and is a hard boss. Giygas is probably the most disturbing Nintendo boss ever made.