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Welcome to Neocraftz1553's User Page!

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Welcome to Neocraftz1553's User Page!

Hello, PikminFanon! Neocraftz here! I'm a HUGE pikmin fan! I am fairly active on both pikipedia and pikminfanon... If you need help with anything, be it images, research, etc. Feel free to ask. I will try to help as best as I can! I am currently working on a game, and helping out Pikifan4 on the Pikmin Community Fangame, I currently have Pikmin: Return to the Distant Planet on hold.

Friend template[edit]

I now have a friend template!:

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Some renders I made. Feel free to browse, maybe even use them, but make sure to give me some credit.

Blender Renders[edit]

Here I will be posting some of my best renders, because they deserve some spot here.

Cave Bulborb Larva[edit]

A Bulborb Larva admiring the trapped White Pikmin.

This little humble render is my first successful cycle render. It took about 32 minutes to render, so, I hope you like it! I will be updating this, so stay tuned!

-The latest render of this image took about 56 minutes and 10 seconds.-

Colored Glowstems[edit]

Glowstems in different colors.

Proof that Glowstems can be found in different colors.

-This render is a bit faster to render, taking only between 4 and 10 minutes-

Diamond Long Legs[edit]

A render of the Diamond Long Legs.

The Diamond Long Legs rendered in Cycles. This one was pretty fun to do, and it looks more or less like it did when I found it on fanon, except in 3D.

KHA Lander in Cycles[edit]

The KHA Lander in Blender Cycles.

Scruffy sent me the KHA Lander's model, so I decided to make it into Cycles. It was a bit hard to get light into the cockpit, so I mixed a glass shader with a transparent shader.(Thanks for liking it Scruffy :)


If you would like to use some of my images, instead of looking for them on every page, you can go to this category: Neocraftz1553 If I forget to categorize an image, please let me know


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Fun Stuff[edit]

Some Facts about me



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