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Hi! My name is CuddlyPikmin77! I LOVE and I mean LOVE the Pikmin series! I have finished Pikmin 1 6 times, Pikmin 2 3.5 times, Pikmin 3 10 times, and Hey Pikmin 2 times! I would enjoy playing Pikmin Forever, and Pikmin 4 (but it is not released yet)! I also enjoy Minecraft, but I still like Pikmin 16367261816362671881771263331 16216152525516535251671909377362616518286535251616 times better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here is an information page all about me too! Here is also a page all abound Cuddly Pikmin Here.

My Content: Cuddly Pikmin, CuddlyPikmin77, This Page, Pineapple Pikmin, Ultimate Pineapple Pikmin, Baby Pineapple Pikmin, New Pikmin IV, Spectral Pikmin, Nuclear Pikmin, Spectral Onion, Nuclear Onion, Snuggle Onion, Pikcalsevseviosusis, Nonthoniosis.