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Brittmin is a Blue Pikmin in a tribe of advanced Pikmin. He's able to distinguish himself from other blues by wearing a light turquoise shirt and beige pants, being able to carry small bomb-rocks, and being able to push large ones.


The day Olimar left the planet after paying the debt, the very first Red Pikmin (known as Steve by most of the fans) picked up on the language, habits, and behavior of Hocotate's people. "Steve" passed this on to the other Pikmin, then they taught their children the behavior, and through their generations, Brittmin eventually came into the world. He was taught by others to carry and push bomb-rocks, and how to safely detonate them. He became a great help when an Emperor Bulblax attacked his village, making the beast consume a lot of bomb-rocks. The tribe cheered for him as one of the heroes of the village. He kept his village in check.



Brittmin used to see Olimar like every other Pikmin sees him, a leader. Brittmin picked up on the fact that Olimar first came to this planet to survive, but not only did Olimar repopulate a species, but he also taught the Pikmin how to survive. Brittmin eventually thought Olimar as not a leader, but a hero.


Brittmin is often with Louie to cook with the carcasses of the enemies. Brittmin was to see if anything should be considered inedible, causing Brittmin to have to undergo using a lot of medicine. For that reason, Brittmin sees Louie as a leader and a glutton.