Ultra-Technology Series

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This article or section contains information that relates to the non-canon game Pikmin Forever, which was created by Scruffy, a user on this wiki.
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The UItra-Technology Series is a collection of metal objects in Pikmin Forever. The objects are all computer parts or computerized objects, and in his notes Olimar recounts trying to get them to function. He has success with a few, if for a fleeting moment. The series prompts him to talking about the KHA's robotics program, particularly their concerns about its rapid advancement.


Name Real life item Location Metal Value Weight Max.
Alien Lexicon Television remote Emperor's Crown 100 20 40
Anisotropic Pod Volume dial Arthropod Sanctum 50 6 11
Calculation Consultant Handheld calculator Reticulate Garden 50 10 20
Data Wafer Circuitboard segment Frozen Fault 25 8 16
Fossil Chamber Metal computer mouse Surge Cave 25 15 25
Fugitive of Gravity Magnetic globe Saturated Temple 250 30 50
Ghostly Generator Wireless phone charger Frozen Fault 50 20 40
Glutted Database Tablet Surge Cave 250 50 100
Memory Cranium Metal thumb drive Flurry Shelter 50 8 16
Metadata Glutton Smartphone Scalding Thicket 100 10 20
Moment Block Digital clock Frozen Fault 50 25 45
Portable Sunburn Flashlight Flurry Shelter 100 25 50
Spellbinding Sliver Compact disc Reticulate Garden 50 10 20
Splenetic Switchboard Red guitar-effect pedal Arthropod Sanctum 100 20 40
Tornadic Drive Computer fan Forbidding Precipice 100 15 30