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Ultimate Crawmadus Maximus

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Pikmin-peanut.gif Pikmin 4
This Article Contains information about a non-canon game, Pikmin 4 (Wii U), made by BallsAngus.
Ultimate Crawmadus Maximus
Scientific Name Cambaracus Maximus
Family Crawmad
Areas Sandy Beach
Underground Areas none
Carry Weight 20
Max. Carriers 40 Pikmin
Seed Worth 50
Attacks Eats pikmin. Shoots Poison

The Ultimate Crawmadus Maximus (also known as Ultimate Crawmad) is the 5th major boss of Pikmin 4 (Wii U). It is found in Sandy Beach. It is a giant Gold-Colored Crawmad. Juveniles are encountered in the map also, but as mini-bosses. Unlike Bug-Eyed and Hermit Crawmads, they are known to shoot poison when agitated.


A recent study has shown that a bigger species of crawmad had been discovered. They are commonly found in deep, large bodies of water. Like the majority of crawmads, it lies in the dirt waiting to ambush prey. If it is disturbed, it squirts poisonous saliva which poisons smaller creatures.