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Tropical Wogpole

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Pxdf snow.png Probably better than PikSpore!
This article contains information that relates to the non-canon game Pikmin X: Deep Freeze, which was created by Neini, a user on this Wiki.
Pxdf snow.png
Tropical Wogpole
Tropical wogpole.png
Scientific name Amphicaris attollo
Family Amphituber
Areas Roiling Springs, Stormy Ocean, Fen of Frights
Carry Weight 1
Max. Carriers 2
Seed Worth 1
Poko Value Poko × 1
Attacks Knocks Pikmin away

The Tropical Wogpole is to the Tropical Wollywog as the standard Wogpole is to the Yellow Wollywog. Many of these green tadpoles can be found throughout the lakes of the Roiling Springs, and they will quickly swim away from leaders and Pikmin that approach. In a pinch, a Tropical Wogpole can inhale and exhale to expel a pulse around itself that knocks nearby Pikmin off balance. However, in spite of these impressive combat adaptations, it is just as harmless as its non-tropical relatives and is not worth enough Pikmin seeds or money to waste time chasing after.