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Trash kingdom

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The Outskirts
BF 1
BF 2
Breadbug Hideout
Boss Arena

Trash Kingdom[edit]

Story mode[edit]

Captain Pikmin getting the news that the pathway is blocked by water. He sends Tike and Alices to a sewers nearby called the Trash Kingdom, but soon gets even more determined to send them. When he notices a weak blue signal, making it certain the blues must be there.

How it got named[edit]

Tike called it Trash Kingdom when he notices all the junk surrounding it.


Tikes Notes

This area is more ghastly then disgusting. I can even find samples of now extinct life forms. Plus the odd Possworms, don't help weaking the creepiness either.

Alices Notes

This area doesn't give me the creeps, but it would if I did not have this suit on. Sometimes I feel thankful for having it on. With it, I could just say to a possworm, you are not going to get me!

Captain Pikmin Notes

Poor blues trapped by a wicked Female Shearwig.... Wait Female ShhhheeeeearrrrrWiiiiiiiig!? Boy, this planet has evolved more then I thought. But for as severe as this, I must really take more caution.

Enemies (Breadbug alert!)[edit]

1. Wogpoles

2. Red Bulborbs

3. Male and female Sheargrubs (Random each day)

4. Shearwig

5. Optical Possworm

6. Wollywog


1. Female Shearwig

2. Deadly Long Legs

3 Breadbug (Triangle for locations)


Toxic Possworm


1. Misleading Propaganda

2. Power Plaster

3. Sticky Pollution

4. Tough Slicer

5. Playful Torpedo

6. Back Watcher

7. Dinners Need

R1 Helpful Crane

Map Legend[edit]

Blue Dot (Blue Onion)

Lime Green Dot (Green Onion)

Orange X (Bomb Rocks 3 per each.)

Orange circles or black lines with - like pattern (Area that can blown up by bomb rocks to trap Breadbug, - equals bomb gate)

-|||- wall (Ancient walls, Titan Pikmin required)

Green line (Key Wall, obtained from Breadbug)

Huge Black Dot (Pump, used by blues to cause water to shoot out.)


This is the only area with a optional pikmin, and a required treasure besides orbs. see (R1)